Mexico’s Federal Election Institute partners with Google

The Mexican presidential election taking place today will carry added significance for Americans living in U.S. border cities, who may have family or friends casting ballots. Election followers can get a state-by-state look at the voting breakdown thanks to an app produced by Google. El Porvenir, a daily newspaper in Monterrey, Mexico, reported this weekend that Mexico’s Federal Election Institute is working with Google to display election results in real time.

El Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) y la empresa Google anunciaron la puesta en marcha de dos plataformas nuevas disponibles para emplearse durante la elección presidencial de este domingo.

Por vez primera, la plataforma del Programa de Resultados Electorales Preliminares (PREP) estará ligada a Google Maps, por lo que los datos que en tiempo real se suban del conteo de cada casilla se podrán ubicar físicamente en el mapa por estado, distrito y sección.

If you’re closely watching the results of the election tonight, take a look at the map created by Google and the IFE.


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